Referral Form

Unique Living Options is a-friendly and confidential service available to people living with disability and mental health issues, in Melbourne Victoria and Perth Western Australia. Unique Living brings together a range of communities-based and government agencies, to provide a holistic service as a support service for individuals, families and Support Worker with physical disabilities, other disabilities and mental health distress/ challenges of all backgrounds and ages. We offer information, intake, assessment, and referral.

How to refer:

Professional Referral

  • Referrals accepted from GP’s, Allied Health Professionals, community-based agencies and educational institutions and NDIA/ Support Coordinators.
  • Where available, GPs should include a copy of the client’s Mental Health Treatment
  • Plan Support Coordinators should include NDIS support plan. 


By phone/email: please call +61 414 309 995 or email (please note these are only attended/checked during business hours). Staff will endeavour to see to participants the same day or the next available appointment will be offered. 

Family Referral

Families, or friends can refer. Participants need to be aware of and consent to the referral and be willing to meet with a member of the our team. 

Participant Details

Participant Details

Next of kin (MUST be completed if participant is under 16 unless mature minor process followed)

Reason for Referral

Please include here any information which may be useful as background information to assist with the referral e.g. mental health, drug and alcohol, physical health & other disabilities, including past/current risk assessments
PLEASE NOTE: ULO does not provide crisis or acute care, if in crisis please refer to the closest Emergency Department or call the Mental Health Emergency Response Line (MHERL) on 1300 555 78

Referrer Details

Participants GP (if not the referrer)
Consent details
All information will be treated confidentially and will not be used for any other purposes that what is stated in the full consent form (signed during the first appointment).